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Social skills which are needed to successfully maintain relationships with others include:

  • maintaining conversations

  • making and keeping friends

  • working in a group

  • expressing empathy towards other

  • creating and holding boundaries

  • solving problems

  • resolving conflicts

The Village social skills groups will allow your teenager or young adult to practice these skills in a safe therapeutic environment.  

During each session, your teen will learn and practice a new skill while interacting with other group members.  Specific groupings of participants will be based on age and level of social development.

Your teen will learn:

  • Conversational Skills

  • Respect & Boundaries

  • Peer Etiquette

  • How to deal with Gossip/Rumors

  • Avoiding Bullying, Teasing and Fighting

  • Boundaries with technology

Research shows improvement in:

  • Social skills in the community

  • The ability to be successful in group activities with other teens

  • Assertiveness

  • Self-esteem

Social Skills Groups: Services
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