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It Takes THE VILLAGE is a private practice established in 2012. 

We are a team of qualified, experienced professionals including occupational therapists, marriage and family therapists and speech therapists.  

With a staff of over 20 dedicated team members, we have a variety of skills and specialties to serve you.

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We believe that by working together to provide more collaborative and comprehensive intervention, we can help our clients and their families to progress in a more effective and efficient manner.

Working together under one roof creates an environment in which consultation between therapists can occur very quickly and therefore the input can be easily integrated into therapy sessions.

We have the ability to have multiple counselors working together to support individual members of a family and the family as a whole.

We are also able to provide occupational therapy and speech simultaneously in order to enrich the therapeutic experience.  

This is a unique opportunity which we, at THE VILLAGE, are thrilled to provide members of our community.

We chose our name because we believe that it takes a village perspective to support our clients.

About : About Me
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