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Evidence-Based Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of applying experimentally derived principles of behavior to improve socially significant behavior.

  • Applied: ABA takes what we know about behavior and uses it to bring about real-world, meaningful change.

  • Behavior: Behaviors are defined in observable and measurable terms in order to assess and monitor change.

  • Analysis: Behaviors are analyzed within the home, school, or community environment to help determine what factors are influencing the behavior.

In general, ABA involves rewarding individuals for appropriate behavior and not rewarding their problem behaviors.

Parents, teachers, classroom aides, therapists, and others can learn how to use these practical ABA methods to help change lives for the better.

Home Support and Intervention:

  • Goal setting. Observable and measurable goals will be created based on your child’s individualized assessment.

  • Teaching techniques.  We use techniques that are grounded in behavioral research. Training and support for parents to create reinforcement systems that can motivate your child

  • Techniques to reduce challenging behaviors

  • Behavior assessment and design of behavior treatment plan

  • Psychoeducation for parents, caregivers, or extended family on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and how to incorporate these principles in your home to support your child.  

School Support and Intervention:

  • Conducting Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

  • Supporting and collaborating with Individual Education Plan (IEP) team

  • Creating, reviewing, updating, and training support teams for Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

  • Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) are available to be a one on one aides in the educational setting

  • Training School staff and Paraprofessionals on Behavior plan implementation 

  • Social Skills Training 

Professionally Trained Staff

Our behavior team has experience in developing programs and providing services to enrich both the educational and home environment. 

Our behavior team have experience with ABA methods, data collection, and ethical issues. THE VILLAGE’s Behavior team are registered with the Behavior Analytic Certification Board (BACB). 

Early Intervention ABA Services

Early Intervention ABA looks at producing changes across global areas of functioning including cognitive, adaptive, social, and emotional domains.

Early Intervention ranges from highly structured lessons to a more naturalistic programming that can look like play, chore completion, or simple conversation.

Early intervention ABA services are recommended for children who have just recently received the diagnosis and children generally between the ages of 0-7 years of age.

Behavior Intervention & Support: Services
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