At THE VILLAGE, our Speech Therapists utilizes a wide variety of evaluation methods to determine areas of concern and strengths.

Communication, whether spoken or gestural, is essential in the process of connecting socially with others. Expressing oneself and understanding what others say and then being able to respond appropriately and effectively are necessary for communicative attempts to be successful.

When it is determined that a child may benefit from extra support and training, Speech Therapy can be incorporated into the comprehensive treatment plan here at THE VILLAGE. By using this approach, the recommendations from the Speech Therapy team can be incorporated into all treatment sessions by THE VILLAGE team (Ex: The OT can use the same prompts for articulation in order to reinforce the strategies initiated by the Speech Therapy team).

Speech Therapy can focus on a wide variety of components; from improving pronunciation and fluency, to modulating volume and voice quality.

In addition, attention is paid to language development and the ability to understand each other and to express oneself with purpose and clarity (often referred to as “Receptive and Expressive Language”).

Not all children who come to THE VILLAGE need to have Speech Therapy as a part of their treatment plan. However, when communication is one component of delayed development, the intervention of our experienced Speech Therapy team is invaluable.