provides occupational therapy to children with developmental, sensory, social-emotional, coordination and/or fine motor difficulties.

Concerns may include:

  • Under or over-reaction to ordinary sensory experiences
    • (Ex: reduced sensation of pain, cries during diaper change)
  • Delayed skills or poor coordination
    • (Ex: handwriting, ball skills, bike riding, late with sitting or crawling)
  • Difficulty with transitions or changes in routine
  • Difficulty stopping an activity, needs “warning” about upcoming event
  • Delayed skills or poor coordination
  • Inappropriate, unusual, or repetitive behavior patterns
    • (Ex: stuck on a topic, repeated rocking, hand flapping)
  • Poor organizational skills or attention skills
    • (Ex: forgetful, loses track of items)
  • Extremely picky eating patterns/habits
    • (Ex: limited diet, gags with food)
  • Avoidance of activities in which children the same age are usually proficient
    • (Ex: resists arts and crafts, playground structure, sports)
  • Poor self-regulation
    • (Ex: has “meltdowns”, doesn’t sleep through the night)
  • Toileting Troubles
    • (Ex: Ongoing difficulties with bowel and bladder incontinence)

Infants and children may or may not have a diagnosis or medical history that would account for these struggles, but early intervention can minimize struggles and maximize the individual’s potential.