It Takes THE VILLAGE, Inc.
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We make sure all our new clients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of.

During your first visit, we will meet privately with you to review your current concerns about yourself or your child.  

Our Process

An Initial Parent Consultation
When a family chooses to bring their child to our clinic, we begin by meeting with the parents.  During this session, we will listen to you so that we may gather important information that will help us to determine the most significant areas of need and develop a plan of action to help you and your child. We will do a thorough review of records to ensure that we are not duplicating any of the previous testing or interventions that you have already explored.  We want to get right to the "heart of the matter" to help your family make a shift towards improvements that you want and need now.

Treatment Sessions
During treatment sessions,  we continuously work with you and your child to identify the factors contributing to the functional difficulties your child is experiencing, ensuring that intervention will address the underlying problems.

Our On-Going Evaluative Process
We continuously collect relevant information on your child’s functional status and progress, and work closely with you to adjust our treatment plan accordingly. Communicating with parents is an essential component in our model.


Insurance: We do not accept insurance. We can provide a documentation of services which you can submit to your individual insurance company to seek potential reimbursement.




Prior to your visit, please fill out the Intake form in our Welcome Packet and email it to us.