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..."this was life changing for him" 

"Our son was 5 years old and had been showing behaviors that were negatively affecting his life and the life of our family. He was terrified of noises such as hand dryers in bathrooms, buzzers at basketball games, fireworks, thunder, trains, and many other noises. His fear for these noises created so much anxiety for him that he would turn hysterical and would take hours sometimes to calm him down if he was exposed to any of these types of noises. 

We also noticed that he was not willing to play games that required any physical activity. At home, he would say “no” to his friends when they would ask him to play tag, jump on the trampoline, play basketball, etc. The only thing he really wanted to do is play on his computer and watch the same 3-4 videos..... He also was very uncoordinated. He would fall a lot, accidentally hit his head on things, and had issues processing basic body movements. 

Our family had tried everything we could to stop our son’s negative behaviors, but it just became worse and more frustrating for everyone.

Then the best thing in my son’s life happened…….. We took him to It Takes THE VILLAGE.

He began participating in Occupational Therapy, and as a part of his therapy program he started on a program called Integrated Listening Systems(iLs).  

Our work at THE VILLAGE was life changing for our son and our family.  

                                                 June, 2016