Social skills which are needed to successfully maintain relationships with others include:

  • maintaining conversations
  • making and keeping friends
  • working in a group
  • expressing empathy towards other
  • creating and holding boundaries
  • solving problems
  • resolving conflicts

THE VILLAGE Social Skills groups will allow your teenager or young adult to practice these skills in a safe therapeutic environment.  

During each session, your teen will learn and practice a new skill while interacting with other group members.  Specific groupings of participants will be based on age and level of social development.

Your teen will learn:

  • Conversational Skills
  • Respect & Boundaries
  • Peer Etiquette
  • How to deal with Gossip/Rumors
  • Avoiding Bullying, Teasing and Fighting
  • Boundaries with technology

Research shows improvement in:

  • Social skills in the community

  • The ability to be successful in group activities with other teens

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-esteem



Is there a specific diagnosis that is required for group participation? 

Great question! Our groups at THE VILLAGE are unique and are composed of individuals with various needs. Some members are homeschooled and seeking to increase social interactions, others have Social Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Depression (to name a few).   

Where is the Community Based Social Skills Group held? 

Our social skills groups are unique because they take place in the community, rather than in an office setting.  Each week we will work with a group of peers in different community environments. This allows our team of group facilitators to provide instant feedback and extra support in an teenager's natural environment. 

When do groups start?

Our groups run year-round! 

How long does the group run for?

Our Social Skills Groups currently run on an 8 week cycle in the evenings one night per week from 6:30-8pm. 

What else should I know?  

Our group size is small and we have a team of two mental health facilitators involved in each session. After each session, facilitators give individualized feedback to parents to monitor progress and identify goals to address during the week. 

Have more questions?

Email our Social Skills Coordinator for more information & to sign-up.